25 September 2016

On 25 September 2016 from 2pm to 6pm come and join us for nature trails, music, watery workshops and a chance to traverse the beautiful A4 from Hotwells to Sea Mills.

For more details about the day, visit our events and activities page.

How to get there?

We would love more people to have the chance to come and share the sensation of hearing birdsong in the Avon Gorge. Please spread the word, by facebook, twitter or good old fashioned chatter! Encourage your friends and contacts to come along – and perhaps plan your own activities, musical, social, sporting, whatever you like.

Here are some pictures from our May event:

Avon wildlife trust AWT butterflies boat on avonFoDAG football Lexy leaping liz & Jess looking for bugs Nick rosi leaping pocket park