25 September will be our next Peaceful Portway

It was wonderful to see so many people enjoying our Peaceful Portway on 15 May.

Our next day will be 25 September 2016 – probably from 2 to 6 – but the start time to be confirmed. We hope you will join us then.

Please help us to make it great by donating here.

We would love more people to have the chance to come and share the sensation of hearing birdsong in the Avon Gorge. Please spread the word, by facebook, twitter or good old fashioned chatter! Encourage your friends and contacts to come along Рand perhaps plan your own activities, musical, social, sporting, whatever you like.

Avon wildlife trust AWT butterflies boat on avonFoDAG football Lexy leaping liz & Jess looking for bugs Nick rosi leaping pocket park

Balloons over the Portway

This year 2015, there are five planned events which take place on the Portway and require the road to be closed to traffic. These are 31st May, 14 and 21st June, 13th September and 25th October for the marathons, 10km run, cycle ride and triathlon.

In each case the Portway is closed through to late morning or early afternoon. Portway Sunday Park will extend these closures so visitors can explore the Gorge, free from traffic noise, until dusk.